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About the YAN

What is the EAA young acousticians network?

The EAA Young Acousticians Network (YAN) is a non-profit initiative within the European Acoustics Association (EAA). Our primary goal is to establish a community for young researchers and young professionals in the field of Acoustics; to connect them and to provide support. We organise events at conferences and provide not-for-profit services that contribute to the community. These services include the EAA YAN website, a monthly newsletter and many communication channels to enable networking.

The YAN is addressed to any young acoustician (under 40 years old) from worldwide, including MSc and PhD students, post docs, researchers, consultants and engineers.

What can the young acousticians network do for me?

  • We organise student events at scientific conferences
    Here you can get in touch with other people working in Acoustics.
  • We maintain a mailing list with which we provide information to members on important subjects
    Here you can get information first hand, concerning student awards, offers of internships and, of course, information concerning YAN activities and a monthly newsletter.
  • We have a discussion forum on LinkedIn and we are also present in the social networks.
    Here you can share your ideas with other young acousticians and discuss matters such as technical questions, work opportunities and much more.
  • We have email support
    If you have questions (see below) you can contact the members of the YAN team. They will try to answer your question and/or try to provide the contact details of the best person(s) to assist you.

What can I do for the young acousticians network?

We are a not-for-profit initiative, driven by the commitment of our members, so we are always searching for people who want to contribute actively to the network. You can contribute in the following areas:

  • Contribute your own experiences
  • Become YAN local representative
  • Organisation of student events

If you are interested to contribute, please contact the YAN team by writing us to:


Do I have to become a member? Does this come with any responsibilities or even financial charges?

First of all, YAN membership is free of charge and does not come with any responsibilities. You can end your membership whenever you wish. Privacy is very important to us; we guarantee that your user data will not be given to any 3rd party. It will only be stored on the EAA webserver and will only be used for purposes regarding the student network. If you wish to cancel your membership, please contact the EAA young acousticians board.

Why should you become a member?

When you register, you have the option to provide some information about you (fields of interest, languages, etc.). Gathering and providing information such as this enables us to provide to you information specific to your interests, and to put you in touch with others in your fields of interest. Membership is also necessary to reduce the likelihood of site misuse and spam.

What is the organisational structure of the network? Who are the people behind it?

The organisational structure is simple: the activities of the project are coordinated by the young acousticians network board, which currently consists of seven people (see YAN Team). We are also building a network of local representatives, which is now covering the majority of European countries and also some non-European.


How did the young acousticians network evolve? - Timeline

July 2008 - Official founding at Acoustics '08 in Paris. The board is elected, consisting of Frank Wefers (head) and Simone Graetzer (assistent).

March 2009 - New website goes online, featuring mailinglists, discussion forums and much more ...

April 2010 - Name change: Student network => Young acousticians network

April 2011 - First Newsletter Issue

April 2013 Facebook group and Twitter account

January 2015- New Newsletter Layout

March 2015- New YAN Logo