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EAA Technical Committees

List of the active Technical Committees (TC) of the European Acoustics Association (EAA) :


As a reminder, from the internal regulations, here are the points defining how Technical Committees (TC) should run at EAA :

A TC will act as a forum for members who share a common interest in a specific field of acoustics.


An important function of a TC is to provide assistance in organizing EAA events. A TC may organize conferences, workshops, and special sessions in EAA Conferences, review and select submitted papers, suggest special issues for the ACTA ACUSTICA united with ACUSTICA or Acoustics in Practice, etc. The organization of special sessions in the EAA Conferences (Forum Acusticum, Euronoise and Euroregio) is mandatory.

A TC may also initiate studies and prepare documents such as strategies, policy statements, state-of-the-art assessments, reports, etc, within its defined technical field. In order to share information, an email address list is built, based upon the voluntary registration on the members of EAA societies. 

All such work is reported to the EAA Board for further processing. A TC may not act on behalf of EAA without specific delegation of power from the Board to act on a specific matter.

Establishment of a TC

The EAA Board decides on the establishment or the dissolve of a TC.  For the establishment of a TC, a proposal is needed which must be submitted to the EAA Board by a group of at least 10 members of the EAA coming from at least three different national member Societies.

TC Chair

A TC chair shall be elected by and within the TC, and shall be approved by the Board. The TC chair must be a member of a national member Society. The chair is elected for a period of 3 years at a time. Re-appointment is allowed once and exceptionally twice. The TC chairs are members of the Executive Council of the EAA. The EAA Board may nominate a TC Chair as coordinator of the Technical Committees.

TC Council

The Chair of a TC will be assisted by the TC Council, which will be formed by 5 members of the TC. The election of the TC Council members will be done within the TC and their term will be 3 years.  Re-election is allowed once, and exceptionally twice. Every 3 years, the new EAA board confirms the lists of the TC Councils and Chairs before 9 months after its election.


Members of EAA, who are experts in the technical field, may express their interest on joining the TC. In addition, the TC chair invites members, on the basis of their technical merit and expertise, to join the TC. The TC members have to contribute actively to the objectives of the TC.

The TC may agree on inviting experts with desired qualifications from outside EAA to join the committee work, if suitable for the purpose of the task.

Modus operandi

The TC shall serve the interests of EAA and follow the by-laws of the ASSOCIATION. In addition a TC may choose its own way of performing its activities by defining internal regulations, which must be approved by the EAA Board.  Meetings, held in conjunction with EAA events, by e-mail or correspondence, by maintaining an interactive web site, etc, may effectuate the communication among the TC members.

Activity reports

The TC chair shall prepare annual progress reports on the TC activities to the Board. These reports shall also give information about planned activities for the coming year. The reports will be published in the TC committee web-site and if there isn’t such, in the EAA official portal. The TC Chairs should provide a written report with an outline of their activities prior to the General Assembly (GA) and the Chairs (or members of the TC council) should present the TC activities in the EAA GA. 


EAA has no liability for the debts, liabilities or other obligations of the TC.

Dissolve of a TC

If a TC is inactive for more than three years, the Board may decide to dissolve it.