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Acoustics News

Latest news

ISE: Publication of the position paper on Horizon Europe
EAA is offering sustaining memberships
Passing of David Blackstock, message from EAA president
Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) webinar series on precarity in academic careers
Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) position on precarity of academic careers
Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) position on "Horizon Europe"
Diginar "Staying Ahead of the Curve: Advancing S&T Innovation and Collaboration to accelerate Blue Economy in India" - 17th February, 2021, 11:00h - 16:00h (IST)
Student Competition of International Year of Sound 2020-1 extended to April, 30, 2021
Best Wishes for 2021 from EAA board
Assistance Sought for "A World of Sound" for Frontiers for Young Minds Collection
Acta Acustica editors in chief invitation to young acousticians
A message from the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE)
Some information & figures from Acta Acustica new & past editors in chief.
Letter from ISE to European leaders about post-COVID Multiannual Financial Framework
President of the ERC, Mauro Ferrari, resigned
EAA awards
New Editor in Chief for Acta Acustica : Manfred Kaltenbacher
New ISE petition round related to the budget of Horizon Europe
List of the 17 students with EAA grant support for Forum Acusticum 2020
Streaming of Opening Ceremony for International Year of Sound (Paris, France, 31 January 2020, 19:00 CET)
Nuntius newsletter for January-February is out
Submit your articles to new open-acces Acta Acustica from Oct. 21st 2019
2019-2022 elected board & Farewell message from 2016-2019 board
Acta Acustica, a Fully Open Access journal
15 winners of EAA Best Paper and Presentation Award at Euroregio/ICA2019 - Aachen
Around 120 submission received for EAA Best Paper and Presentation Award at Euroregio/ICA2019 - Aachen
Next EAA General Assembly will be held during ICA 2019 in Aachen, Germany, Sept. 9-13, 2019
EAA Board Election for period 2019 - 2022
EDP Sciences and the EAA are delighted to announce their partnership to publish "AAuA"
10 EAA Best Paper and Presentation/Poster awards for young researchers attending ICA/Euroregio 2019
Acta Acustica united with Acustica in Full Open Access from January 2020

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This page is dedicated to news relative to acoustics.


You can read on the left the recent news we have received. EAA also send every month a newsletter (EAA Nuntius) with recent news, information on events and newly published job offers. This newsletter is sent by EAA to your National Society which forward it to its members.