Dear Colleagues,

Today is the International Noise Awareness Day and several
activities, press releases, and courses are foreseen.

As you know, the EAA has prepared two powerpoint presentations (one
general one technical) and one short movie (Noisella) for pupils and
students. They can be found now in various places :

Our Fenestra project Manager Luc Jaouen has updated our INAD webpages
as following :

The Noisella movie is on the AboutNoise page :
with a direct link on the main page:

The direct Youtube link is :

Both presentations are available online as clickable PDF :
(see buttons right after the introduction and before the program).

Please feel free to show the movie and use the presentation in your
events. You may also wish to set-up a link in your Societies web-page
so that the products are immediately visible by your web-page
visitors. We recommend that they there for the whole year to keep the
message alive for a long time.

On this opportunity and on behalf of the ICTCA 2017 steering committee
I wish to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your active
contribution in promoting the idea of a quieter environment in Europe.
The Conference "Noise in Europe" held yesterday in the European
Commission was the main EAA event for INAD 2017 and we believe that it
was a real success as it gathered politicians, scientists, stake
holders and citizens from all over Europe to discuss on legislation
and directives about noise, to show evidence on the noise effects in
our health and suggest measures for noise control. It was also very
interesting to listen to the opinions of the citizens on the problems
due to excess exposure to noise.

The Competition is sill underway, after the end of which we would be
glad to receive a short report on the activities you have finally
undertaken for the promotion of the INAD 2017 with downloadable
material if there exist such.

Best regards

Michael Taroudakis
On behalf of the INAD 2017 steering committee