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<p>Dear Colleagues,</p>
<p>Today is the<span class="rouge"> International Noise Awareness Day</span> and several <br />
activities, press releases, and courses are foreseen.</p>
<p>As you know, the EAA has prepared two powerpoint presentations (one <br />
  general one technical) and one <span class="gras">short movie</span> (Noisella) for pupils and <br />
  students. They can be found now in various places :</p>
<p>Our Fenestra project Manager Luc Jaouen has updated our INAD webpages <br />
  as following :<br />
<p>The Noisella movie is on the AboutNoise page :<br />
  <a href=""></a><br />
  with a direct link on the main page:<br />
  <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
<p>The direct Youtube link is :<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
<p>Both presentations are available online as clickable PDF :<br />
  <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />
(see buttons right after the introduction and before the program).</p>
<p>Please feel free to show the movie and use the presentation in your <br />
  events. You may also wish to set-up a link in your Societies web-page <br />
  so that the products are immediately visible by your web-page <br />
  visitors. We recommend that they there for the whole year to keep the <br />
message alive for a long time.</p>
<p>On this opportunity and on behalf of the ICTCA 2017 steering committee <br />
  I wish to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your active <br />
  contribution in promoting the idea of a quieter environment in Europe. <br />
  The Conference &quot;Noise in Europe&quot; held yesterday in the European <br />
  Commission was the main EAA event for INAD 2017 and we believe that it <br />
  was a real success as it gathered politicians, scientists, stake <br />
  holders and citizens from all over Europe to discuss on legislation <br />
  and directives about noise, to show evidence on the noise effects in <br />
  our health and suggest measures for noise control. It was also very <br />
  interesting to listen to the opinions of the citizens on the problems <br />
  due to excess exposure to noise.</p>
<p>The Competition is sill underway, after the end of which we would be <br />
  glad to receive a short report on the activities you have finally <br />
  undertaken for the promotion of the INAD 2017 with downloadable <br />
  material if there exist such.</p>
<p>Best regards</p>
<p>Michael Taroudakis<br />
  On behalf of the INAD 2017 steering committee</p>

Newsletter May 2018 (N° 5/2018)

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