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Newsletter December 2016 (N° 12/2016)

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Since the launch of the e-Journal in July 2013, there has been little regularity with its publication. This lack of regularity can be explained by the following reasons:
- Papers given at major conferences are available on internet.
- Many meetings accept PowerPoint presentations and do not require full written papers.
- Increasingly authors of papers use their own company websites to publish papers.
- Smaller meetings are held in local language and translation into English may discourage authors from these meetings.
However, from the EAA we firmly believe that the e-Journal covers a gap between academic journals and local conferences and it will provide a Europe wide platform for authors to disseminate their work. The wide access should make it a journal of first choice for many authors who may currently only present papers at local meetings.  (read more)

Miguel Ausejo Prieto
(Editor in Chief)





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