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Newsletter N° 19 June 2013

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Latest News

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blue-box.png ICA Montreal: The Early Career Award of the International Commission of Acoustics for a European scientist, Tapio Lokki (Finland)
the press release done by Aalto University

blue-box.png Report and photos of the Conference of Merano (including the Winter School)

blue-box.png Questionnaire NEW AAAS STUDY OF SCIENTISTS' RESPONSIBILITIES (5-10 minutes)


blue-box.png In memoriam Alain Roure (1947-2013), a pioneer of active control in acoustics and vibration


Results of two European projects :

blue-box.pngNovel ultrasound tools improve diagnostic imaging

blue-box.pngUltrasound technology for micro-manufacturing



Conferences organized by EAA

Events supported by EAA


Recently received events



QMUL - - Research workshop : Listening in the wild: Animal and machine hearing in multisource environments - 25 June 2013, London, UK


ISAAR 2013 - International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research - Nyborg, Denmark - August 28-30, 2013


COSAC 2013 - Toulouse, France - September 24-26, 2013


ICSV21 - 21th International Congress on Sound and Vibration - Beijing, China - July 06-10, 2014

Other events on acoustics

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