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Welcome to the Young Acousticians Network



What is the young acousticians network? What are its activities? What can it do for me? What can I do for it?

Mailing list

Stay informed about upcoming events, job opportunities, etc.


The newsletter is sent once per month, with interesting information for the acoustic community. Here you will find all the newsletter issues, since the first number.

Discussion Forum

Share your ideas with other members and discuss scientific topics of interest and student exchange opportunities in the forum on Linkedin


Find out about young acousticians network events at scientific conferences and meet people in person...

Job opportunities

Find out about job opportunities in Europe and in the rest of the world

Study opportunities

Discover different options to study Acoustics all around Europe

The YAN team

Who is organizing the young acousticians network activities?

The YAN local representatives

Here you can find a list of YAN representatives in the European countries and also outside Europe.

Follow us!!

Follow the YAN in the social networks!!

Free membership

Not a member yet? Register as a member of the young acousticians network...

Any questions?