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EAA Schola (Education)

The Online Study Guide of Acoustics in Europe

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EAA Schola - the European Web-based University Guide is a service to students in acoustics. It offers search functions for institutions, courses, and other information relevant for students in acoustics.

The procedure to establish entries in EAA Schola is the following: Representatives from universities, faculties, departments, schools, institutes, called "Schola Editors", insert the data of their courses, specific fields of acoustics research, and exchange programs. These data will be collected and hosted in the Schola database and can be updated by the Schola Editor. The Schola Product Manager coordinates the data collection, handling and presentation.
When a new Schola Editor requests access to the system, she or he contacts the Schola Product Manager personally and receives login data. The request should include name and address of the Editor and complete name and address of the institution where the courses are given.
The EAA is convinced that this initiative will promote acoustics and improve information about studying acoustics, for the benefit of our young students and colleagues and for a good future of acoustics in Europe.

If you wish to become Schola Editor for your courses, please contact the

Schola Product Manager: Malte Kob

Notes from current Schola page developer:
This page is still under construction, please be patient while repairs are made. Known issues include:
Search results show deleted course names which lead to error pages.
Search results show only course names, though one may search to find courses by other critera.