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Acta Acustica editors in chief invitation to young acousticians

Dear young acousticians!

After four years of hybrid model, the journal of the European Acoustics Association becomes a full Open Access (OA) journal, see For this transformation, the journal name becomes Acta Acustica and is now published by EDP Sciences. According to the plan S, the results of projects granted by 17 European Agencies (incl. the European Commission) need to be published in full OA journals.

Please consider that Acta Acustica is one of the rare acoustics journal of this kind, and it is the journal of a learned society. "This is a significant step for Acta Acustica and confirms its position as a leading voice in the field of acoustics" observed Professor Manell Zakharia, President of the EAA. "Here at the EAA, our aim is to ensure the greatest and easiest possible accessibility to quality research in the field of acoustics. We are extremely pleased that our partner, EDP Sciences, supports the open scholarship agenda and look forward to further exciting opportunities to come."

We specially encourage young acousticians to submit their latest research achievements in acoustics to Acta Acustica, which includes a wide array of subjects: General Linear Acoustics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Macrosonics, Aeroacoustics, Atmospheric Sound, Underwater Sound, Ultrasonics, Physical Acoustics, Structural Acoustics, Noise Control, Active Control, Environmental Noise, Soundscape, Building Acoustics, Room Acoustics, Acoustic Materials and Metamaterials, Audio Signal Processing and Transducers, Computational and Numerical Acoustics, Hearing, Audiology and Psychoacoustics, Speech Musical Acoustics, Virtual Acoustics, Auditory Quality of Systems, Animal bioacoustics, History of Acoustics. Thereby, we offer young acousticians to publish free of article processing charge (APC), when you have received a best poster or best presentation award at a scientific conference!

We are waiting for your paper submitted during the next weeks!

Manfred Kaltenbacher (Graz) and Jean Kergomard (Marseille) Editors-in-Chief