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Message from Prof. Michael Taroudakis

President of EAA


Dear Colleagues, Dear European Acousticians, Dear Friends

On behalf of the board of the European Acoustics Association I wish to all of you a happy, productive and prosperous New Year.

The New Year is ahead of us and we all are striving to fill it with our anticipated activities, hoping that they will have a direct and positive effect in our life. Furthermore, we are all aiming towards the further development of acoustics in our Country and Europe and of course in our narrow or wide surrounding.  The EAA board wishes that your expectations come into reality and that you will have the health and energy to support your work and your personal life.

The EAA board will try to do their best to stay with you, offering the EAA tools and products as a further support of your work. At the same time, we will try to bring new ideas in our association aiming towards the strengthening of the links between the National Societies and the individual members. Your feedback is of course necessary to achieve this goal and we hope that during the 2014 we will have a continuous collaboration in every aspect of our activities.

Our major event for 2014 is the FORUM ACUSTICUM to be held in Krakow, Poland 7-12 September 2013. Krakow will be in the heart of acoustics in Europe for almost one week and we hope that the conference will be a very successful forum for the presentation and the exchange of new ideas among the European acousticians and many others coming from around the world to discuss recent developments in all aspects of acoustics. Please keep in mind that the deadline for the submission of abstracts to regular and structured sessions is the 31st of January. You are all invited to Krakow and we are sure that the European acoustics community will support FORUM 2014 and all the other events to be held in Europe next year.

The New Year brings a change in the position of the Editor-in-Chief of our scientific journal Acta Acustica united with Acustica. Dr Jean Kergomard substitutes Prof. Dick Botteldooren. Our journal has already become a great journal and I wish to express our sincere thanks to Prof. Botteldooren for his excellent work during the 10 years of his service as Editor-in-Chief of the journal. I also wish all the best to Dr Jean Kergomard who will have dual duties in the next period as Vice President of the EAA and as Editor-in-Chief of our journal. I am sure that his scientific merit and his experience will help to keep the journal in the path of further development.


Finally, I wish to send a warm greeting to the young acousticians in Europe. They are our hope for the future. I want them to think of our association as a good friend offering them with tools and products to help them in their carrier. I wish to our young acousticians to keep striving for the best and find the way to bring their dreams into reality.  They have to be optimistic. Life is ahead of them.

With my warmest wishes to all of you,


Michael Taroudakis

President of EAA