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Head of a Scientific Junior Research Group on Infrasound

Academic position
full-time - fixed-term contract

The energy transition is causing an increasing number of large-scale nuclear and fossil-fired
power stations to be replaced by smaller energy converters that are operated in a
decentralized way. Operating such facilities often causes noise emission in the infrasonic
range. Due to the acoustic properties of infrasonic waves, which are fundamentally different
from other types of sound waves, there are as yet no measurement and assessment
possibilities and no legal regulations for infrasound in order to protect the population from
noise-related nuisance. As a result, a fear of the effects of ultrasound has led to one of the
main obstacles to operating and constructing energy converters. This obstacle also affects
the energy transition.

This Junior Research Group is expected to produce scientific findings to find solutions to
these problems. Potential key aspects of research include:

- Determining and modeling the infrasound source strengths (e.g. directly at the place of
measurement, developing a drone for this purpose)
- Investigating the propagation of infrasound towards humans and their dwellings (e.g.
by characterizing the penetration of walls, windows, and doors metrologically and
- Determining the exposition parameters in buildings and rooms at such low frequencies
- Investigating the perception of infrasound (in particular with realistic signals in realistic
rooms – e.g. using neuroimaging methods as well as virtual acoustics)

8/25/21 12:00 AM
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Christian Koch