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About Fenestra

fenestra_logo.png The EAA product Fenestra is the web portal of the European Acoustics Association. On our pages you will find information about the EAA member Societies, the web pages of the EAA Technical Committees, a calendar of upcoming events, a job market and many more topics related to acoustics.

Information on Events should be submitted using the web interface.

Current Team:

Former members :

Olivier Dazel (Product Manager)

Malte Kob (Product Manager)

Jonas Stienen (Webmaster/Administrator/Programming)

Matthias Lievens (Preparation)

Matthias Vormann (Webmaster/Administrator/Programming)

Frank Wefers (Webmaster/Administrator/Programming)

Patrick Hof (Webmaster/Administrator/Programming)

Harald Derksen (Webmaster/Administrator/Programming)

Christian Müller (Administrator)

Micha Rappaport (Programming/Contents preparation)

Lorenz Prochaska (Programming/Contents preparation)