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Statutes of NAA

The 1st statutes were stated by the Board of the Association at 26 September, 1956.

Changes have been accepted in 1972, 1976 and 1978. Completely updates statutes were accepted in 10 May 2010.




the Nordic Acoustic Association (NAA)

Stated by the Board of the Association at 26 September 1956 with changes accepted in 1972, 1976, 1978, and with complete update in day.month 2009.


The name of the Association is Nordic Acoustic Association, NAA. Hereafter denoted as the Association.


The objectives of the Association are

  1. to promote the developments of the acoustic science and to spread knowledge in the field,

  2. to establish contacts with interested professionals across member societies from each country, between the acoustic organizations in these countries and in other countries, and additionally between international organizations within this field.


The Nordic Acoustic Association is an association of the national acoustical societies Dansk Akustisk Selskap (DAS), Akustinen Seura ry (ASF), Iceland Acoustic Association (IAA), Norsk Akustisk Selskap (NAS) and Svenska Akustiska Sällskapet (SAS) in the Nordic countries.


  1. The members in the national acoustical societies in Nordic countries make up the Nordic Acoustic Association (NAA). 

  2. The national acoustical societies shall notice the Association about the number of members by January every year.

3. The Board of the Association can accept sustaining members that are interested in the objectives and activities of the Association and who apply for the sustaining membership. The sustaining members may be other societies, companies and institutions, including private persons.

4. Membership fees and the payment of annual per-capita membership contributions are decided by the Board of the Association.

President and Board of the Association

1. The Board is formed by the Chairs of the Boards in the national acoustical societies DAS, ASF, IAA, NAS and SAS, the President, secretary and treasurer. The national societies appoint a deputy representative that may participate in the meetings of the Board.

  1. The Board of the Association shall after proposal from the national societies elect a President for the Association. The President shall be elected among members of the Association and the election should be made in connection to the meetings of NAA. The proposals for the President shall be given at least 1 month before the meeting of the Board of NAA.  The President is elected for two years period at time and can be re-elected twice. The function of the elected President starts at 1 January at the forthcoming year after election.
  2. The secretary function of the Board follows the national society of the country from which the President is elected.
  3. For practical reasons, the treasurer comes from the national society of the country where the banking accounts of the Association are held. The rights to the banking accounts are held by the treasurer and the President.

5. The President and the Board lead the work of the Association. The President represents NAA in other national and international organizations. If the President is prohibited to meet, the Board may appoint one of the Board members as the representative.

6. The Board provides a written report and financial statement at the end of each year. The report of the Board shall be presented to the national societies at the latest 1 April each year. If the national societies have not given written remarks within a month from the presentation, the report and the balance from the Board are considered accepted.


1. Nordic Acoustic Meeting is held every second year by turns between the Nordic countries. The national acoustic society in the host country is responsible for the arrangement.

2. The contributions to the Nordic Acoustic Meeting shall be reviewed by a Technical Board established for the meeting. The papers shall be provided in Proceedings of the meeting.

3. Meetings of the Board of the Association are held preferably at least once a year. The meeting place and/or the meeting form are chosen with consideration to the practical situation.

4. The President invites to the meeting of the Board.

Disposition of the finances in NAA

1. The finances of NAA may be provided as a reserve capital for the Nordic Acoustic Meetings provided that the finances in the Association allow this. The Board decides the amount that is provided.

2. The Association may in special cases support participation in the Board meetings by covering travelling expenses. Decision of such support is taken by the Board.

Changes to the Statutes

Changes in these statutes shall be accepted by all the Boards of the national societies that are members of the Association.

Resignation from the Association

1. Any national acoustical society who is a member of the Association may resign at any time, provided that an official notice thereof is given to the President at least 12 months in advance of the date on which such resignation is to take effect.

2. Resignation may take place only after the Member has fulfilled all obligations and has paid all dues to the ASSOCIATION. If the national society is expected to host the Nordic Acoustic Meeting during the 12 months, the arrangement cannot be cancelled. In the case the country has the next arrangement of NAA meeting within 24 months, the resignation period is extended to 24 months.

Dissolution of the Association

  1. The Association can be dissolved by agreement taken by all the Boards of the national societies who are members of the Association.

2. In case of dissolution of the Association, the Board decides how the finances are used after the final balance has been approved.

10 May 2010

Accepted by the Boards of

Claus Møller Pedersen, Dansk Akustisk Selskap (DAS)

Tapio Lokki, Akustinen Seura ry (ASF)

Steindór Gudmunsson, Iceland Acoustic Association (IAA)

Svein Arne Nordby, Norsk Akustisk Selskap (NAS)

Hans Jonasson, Svenska Akustiska Sällskapet (SAS)