Spain INAD 2017


SEA – Sociedad Española de Acústica

“INAD 2017” – “DsR’17”
Summary of the activities promoted by SEA

The INAD (Día sin Ruido –“DsR”) it’s being promoted in Spain by the Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA) since 2006.
Each Year SEA organizes several activities with the cooperation of the Institutions, Professional Associations and Schools. These activities during almost twenty years have been: technical symposia, concerts with students, etc., and always the “DsR” was closed with an “official” act in a Secondary School, including several performances by the students and the “60 seconds” of silence at midday, an opportunity to listen the Soundscape of the site.
Besides these activities, this Year SEA has reinforced all activities according with the programme established by the European Acoustics Association (EAA) for INAD 2017.
INAD 2017 Activities

  • This year our motto for the DsR’17 is “El ruido es enemigo del confort acústico” – “The noise is the enemy of acoustics comfort” including in the attached poster.
  • According with the EAA Competition “Sounds of my place”, the Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA) has sponsored two national competitions for primary and secondary students with prices of 500 €, 200 € and 100 €. Direct link to our web with the regulations.
  • The winners of the national competition will be presented to the EAA Pan-European competition.
  • The awards will be given in a public ceremony the 26th April – DsR’17 –in a significant place to be determined. The media –TV, radio and journalist- will be invited to the event.
  • This year the main act of the DsR´17 will be at the “Colegio Mirabal” in Madrid which school teachers during the present quarter have explained the SEA’s didactic units, and organized the performances for the “Day
    without Noise 2017”. Also, the students have been working in the noise map of the school; the students use sound level meters provided by our association and the map will be presented in the DsR act.
  • As every year SEA presents during the school year a Campaign about Consciousness on Noise in different schools, with the actuations of the Tale Tellers “Silin y Ruidon” in the primary schools, performed by the actors Juan Gamba and Clara Piñeiro and script of Antonio Calvo-Manzano.
  • SEA participates in the secondary schools with talks about “A world of sounds in your hands”, script of Antonio Calvo-Manzano.
  • The comic “Silín y Ruidón” has different versions: printed, audiovisual narrated and narrated with subtitles for hearing impaired children is presented to the primary pupils, as well as the video-game “Silin y
  • In the secondary schools the leaflet “En busca del confort acústico perdido” (The search of the lost acoustic comfort) and audiovisual version narrated and narrated with subtitles for hearing impaired children. These publications developed and published by SEA with script of Antonio Calvo-Manzano and illustrated by F.M. Moscoso.
    Diffusion of the INAD 2017 –DsR’17
  • The printed DsR’17 and “Sounds of my place” posters have been distributed directly by post mail to 2.200 primary and secondary schools, including the Regulations of the Competitions and some indications about how to organize the DsR’17 at the school.
  • Also the posters and the competition’s information have been sent by the post directly to the Educational Authorities of the 17 Spanish Regional Government plus the two autonomous cities.
  • With the cooperation of the Spanish Ministry of Education the information on INAD and scholar competition Regulations have been also distributed to 34 Spanish schools located in Europe, South-America, Morocco and Sahara. These schools are public schools by the Spanish Government and the students are following the Spanish education system.
  • The whole packet of this information has been distributed by e-mail to 800 addresses of media and journalists.
  • As usual the media will be informed of all DsR´17 activities including the School Competition and some SEA members will be interviewed by TV, radio and newspapers.
  • The next –digital and printed- issue of our Journal “Revista de Acústica” will inform on the DsR’17 activities and the printed version will include the DsR´17 poster; both digital and printed version are distributed to our members, subscribers and colleagues, including the acousticians of Ibero-America through the acoustical societies of the Iberian Federation of Acoustics -FIA-.
    1st February 2017