Audio Engineering Handbook

Get clear answers to your every question on every aspect of audio engineering in the updated reference of choice of audio and video engineers and technicians, Standard Handbook of Audio Engineering, Second Edition. You’ll find no other source that covers such a broad range of audio principles and technologies–with an emphasis on practical applications, including design, production, installation, operation, and maintenance of recording studios, broadcast centers, and multimedia operations. Now fully updated for the first time in a decade, this trusted guide brings you completely up to speed with:

  • *CD, DVD, and other hot technologies
  • *Audio compression schemes, including MP3
  • *Sound transmission, reproduction, amplification, modification, detection, and storage equipment
  • *Broadcasting, music industry, multimedia, and Internet audio methods and tools
  • *Editing, voice-over, and post-production systems
  • *Noise reduction
  • *Test and measurement procedures and practices Accompanying CD-ROM packs extensive data files–sound, industry specs, standards, diagrams, photos, and more, all keyed to relevant passages in the book.



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About The Author

Blair Benson

Jerry Whitaker