Italy Associazione Italiana di Acustica

Summary of the activities promoted by AIA
The INAD (in Italian: Giornata di Sensibilizzazione sul Rumore) it’s being promoted in Italy by Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA) since 2010.
Each Year AIA organizes several activities with the cooperation of the Institutions, Professional Associations and Schools.
AIA working group has defined the general objectives of “Noise Awareness Day – Italia”, the awareness program to be implemented in Italy, drafting the initiatives yearly organized in Italian schools, aiming to:
– inform and increase awareness of students and citizens on noise reduction by means of social media (leaflets, posters, social networks, etc..);
– measure and assess noise in schools (indoor and outdoor);
– design solutions for noise mitigation and improvement of acoustic climate;
– describe soundscapes in schools and school courtyards;
– write and/or draw an advertising campaign on noise;
– understand, define and observe a “quiet diet”;
– distribute and collect questionnaires and interviews about sound quality in schools and in living environments;
– invent new games and activities related to acoustic and noise;
– take a minute for hearing silence;
– create links between schools of different cities and countries to share the actions taken.
The project NOISE AWARENESS DAY ITALY – 2017 includes:
– a dissemination campaign of the event through the distribution social network, leaflets, posters, educational and informative material;
– the development of the theme “sounds and noises of students’ living spaces” in the school involved in INAD through a lesson on acoustics issue in all schools interested to;
– support and selections of materials for the PAN-European Competition.
The our motto and our poster for INAD-ITALIA 2017 are the same of European one “Suoni del tuo paese”.
According with the EAA Competition “Sounds of my place”, the Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA) has sponsored two national competitions for primary and secondary students.
The winners of the national competition will be presented to the EAA Pan-European competition.
The awards will be given in a public ceremony during the AIA National Congress in Pavia on the 7th June 2017. The media –TV, radio and journalist- will be invited to the event.
As every year AIA presents during the school year a Campaign about Consciousness on Noise reading the stories of “Noisella” in the primary schools and making a lesson on acoustics in secondary schools.
Diffusion of the INAD –ITALIA 2017

  • The printed “Sounds of my place” posters are distributed directly by post mail to primary and secondary schools, including the Regulations of the Competitions, the format to involve in the initiative and some indications about how to organize the INAD-ITALIA at the school.
  • Also the posters and the competition’s information have been sent by the post directly by AIA to all the acousticians and by two Public Administrations (Florence and Monza).
  • The whole packet of this information will be distributed by e-mail to several media and journalists.
  • As usual the media will be informed of all INAD –ITALIA 2017 activities including the School Competition and some AIA members will be interviewed by TV, radio and newspapers.
  • The social network of INAD ITALIA is updated on the event (facebook page: inad.italia; facebook group: Noise Awareness Day Italia)
    3rd February 2017