Greece INAD 2017



Greece – HELINA

The INAD 2017 student competition is published on HELINA web site.Note that this link will soon expire, since HELINA web-site is in the process of upgrading.
HELINA has already developed :

  • multiple editions of electronic material (in Greek) targeted to primary and high-scool students and their teachers. Our aim is to present it to teachers in Greek schools. They will then be able to present it to their student on the exact INAD 2017 date. Some members of the institute will also visit selected schools on that date for direct presentations to students.
  • two audio-only games that will be available to students. Aim of these games is to demonstrate the effect of noise in every day life, as well as to familiarise students with different noise forms and characteristics.
    HELINA is in the process of designing a short video spot which will be delivered in national and local TV broadcasters.
    A press release will be distributed to the press (again, local in all regions of Greece and national).