Germany INAD 2017


Germany – DEGA

Germany  is celebrating its 20th Noise Awareness Day . All activities regarding the Noise Awareness Day in Germany can be found here: As one of the main activities the German Acoustical Society has organized the Conference in Berlin: Acoustic Diversity in Germany: Achievements, Challenges, Concerns with the participation of political actors, city planners, and scientists. There will be lectures and as well a paneldiscussion regarding noise effects, noise protection, and noise maps. A detailled program can be found here

Moreover, there will be action days on the use of the so called “Lärmkoffer” in schools. For more information please click here

The advertisement of the INAD student competition documentcan also be found here.

Furthermore, Germany will have like every year more than 100 activities regarding noise protection and noise effects.More information can be found here