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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Design for Acoustics (Akustikgerechtes Gestalten)

Docent:  Mr. Tobias Melz, Prof Dr.-Ing
Type:  Lecture
Term:  summer semester
Chair:  Research group System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics (SAM)
Institution:  Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDa)
Study Path:  Bachelor Mechanical and Process Engineering (Maschinenbau)
Subject Type:  Elective
Keywords:  Fundamentals of acoustics: properties of sound waves, different wave types, frequency spectra, levels, A-, C-, and Z-weighting; design for acoustics: systematics and methodology of the acoustic product development process, primary methods of engineering noise control: influencing of excitation forces, principles of generation, transfer, and reduction of structure-borne sound; secondary methods of engineering noise control: decoupling of vibrations and structure-borne sound, various types of mufflers, sound barriers and encapsulations, active noise and vibration control
Hours per week:  3
Total ECTS credits:  6.0
Examination:  written exam
Requirements:  Knowledge and skills of Engineering Mechanics, Machine Elements, Design Engineering
Language:  German
Entry modified:  2020-12-03 10:44:22