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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Modeling techniques in Machine Acoustics (Modellbildung in der Maschinenakustik)

Docent:  Mr Christian Adams, Dr.-Ing.
Type:  Lecture
Term:  summer semester
Chair:  Research group System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics (SAM)
Institution:  Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDa)
Study Path:  Mechanical and Process Engineering
Subject Type:  Optional
Keywords:  Overview on numerical and experimental techniques in machine acoustics; modelling dynamic excitation forces that cause structure-borne and airborne noise: fundamental analysis of impulse forces in time and frequency domain, dynamic forces due to impacts, processes governed by dynamic pressures, and discontinuous transmissions of forces such as gear transmissions, and reduction of dynamic excitation forces; modelling structure-borne noise of thin-walled plates and shells, rules for modelling and validating numerical models, damping of structure-borne sound, structural intensity; modelling sound radiation by means of simple sound sources such as monopoles, acoustic shortcut; uncertainty in machine acoustic modelling; fundamentals of statistical energy analysis (SEA)
Hours per week:  2
Total ECTS credits:  4.0
Examination:  written exam
Requirements:  knowledge on fundamentals of Machine Acoustics or Technical Acoustics
Language:  German
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