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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Models of auditory perception (Models of auditory perception)

Docent:  Mr. Alexander Raake, Dr.-Ing.
Type:  Seminar
Term:  winter semester
Chair:  Telekommunikationssysteme
Institution:  Technische Universität Berlin
Study Path:  Bachelor-Module der Studiengänge TI, ET, INF und den EIT ICT Masterstudiengang
Specialisation/Branch:  audio technology and audio communication
Subject Type:  Compulsory
Keywords:  Fundamental Models of auditory perception: loudness models, masking models, models for roughness, pitch, etc.; Signal processing models of the middle and inner ear; Models of Sound Source Separation and binaural perception: Equalization-Cancellation Model (EC), Localisation models; Models of speech intelligibility: Speech Transmission Index (STI), Speech Intelligibility Index (SII), EC-based Model; Speech quality models: ITU-T’s P.OLQA (P.863), PESQ (P.862), E-Model; Audio quality modell: PEAQ
Media Type:  Mixture of oral presentations by supervisors and students
Hours per week:  2
Total ECTS credits:  3.0
Language:  English
Entry modified:  2014-03-30 21:13:24