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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Technical Acoustics (Technische Akustik)

Docent:  Mr. Ercan Altinsoy, Dr.-Ing.
Type:  Lecture
Term:  winter semester
Chair:  Institut für Akustik und Sprachkommunikation
Institution:  Technische Universität Dresden
Study Path:  Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering / M.Sc. in Media Computer Science or Computer Science
Specialisation/Branch:  Communications and information technology
Subject Type:  Elective
Keywords:  basic machine acoustic equation, structure-borne sound measurement, the structure-borne sound behavior of simple structures, damping of structure-borne sound, estimation method for the structure-borne sound, sound radiation / sound propagation, rectangular membrane, rotary piston diaphragm, radiation efficiency, porous absorbers / sound absorbing linings, sound absorbing channels / silencers, sound insulation, methods for the development of low-noise machines
Media Type:  presence event, online scripts and media
Hours per week:  2
Total ECTS credits:  2.0
Examination:  oral exam
Requirements:  Fundamentas of acoustics
Language:  German
Entry modified:  2021-03-01 12:59:22