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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Acoustics of mobile drive systems (Akustik mobiler Antriebssysteme)

Docent:  Mr. Benoît Fabre, IJLRA – LAM
Type:  Seminar
Term:  summer semester
Chair:  Institute for Combustion Engines VKA
Institution:  RWTH Aachen University
Study Path:  Maschinenwesen
Subject Type:  Elective
Keywords:  Combustion engine, interior noise of a vehicle, important aspectes of sound engineering, fundamentals of noise formation and perception, modern measurement and assembly methods, virtual engine development tools, FEM
Media Type:  Exercises
Media Access:  webpage
Hours per week:  2
Language:  english
Entry modified:  2021-01-23 23:08:31