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EAA Schola (Education)

Course Overview

Medical Acoustics: Audiology and Voice (Medical Acoustics: Audiology and Voice)

Docent:  Janina Fels, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Type:  Lecture
Term:  summer semester
Chair:  Institute of Technical Acoustics
Institution:  RWTH Aachen University
Study Path:  Elektrotechnik, Informationstechnik u. Technische Informatik MSc, Physik MSc, Psychologie Bsc
Specialisation/Branch:  Biomedical Engineering, Medical Acoustics, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics
Subject Type:  ['Elective', 'Yes']
Keywords:  "This lecture provides an overview on various acoustical methods of medical diagnosis and therapy. Upon completing this lecture, students understand the functionality of the auditory system and the human voice generation process, and are able to evaluate and analyze different voice and speech disorders. They are further able to apply this knowledge in the context of diagnostic and therapeutic systems, in order to analyze and further develop existent methods in the field of audiology and speech acoustics. Topics: Fundamentals of Acoustics, Resonators, modes and acoustic transmission lines, Hearing System, ENT: Physiology of hearing,Audiology, Psychoacoustics, ENT: Diagnosis of hearing impairment; Subjective and objective audiometry, Acoustic analysis of the vocal tract, Voice and speech disorders, Musical Acoustics, Singing voice"
Media Type:  Powerpoint slides, animations, sound examples
Media Access:  webpage
Hours per week:  3
Total ECTS credits:  4.0
Examination:  written exam
Requirements:  none
Language:  English
Related Course:  Exercise 'Medical Acoustics I'
Entry modified:  2021-05-16 22:29:27